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Stephen Broadhurst

I spent 17 years at PwC Consulting, then IBM, specialising in complex systems integration of Customer facing systems. In 2011 Watson’s win at Jeopardy transformed how we thought about that world, and I had to be part of that. I was able to go on to take live industry defining conversational systems at major European organisations from Banks, to Telcos to Building Management companies and a wide variety of other organisations. Later I setup the IBM Conversational practice, writing the conversational method and training, and leading it as an Associate partner for two years before leaving to set up ThinJetty.

During my time I’ve led teams from 5 to 500 and I feel the culture and ethics we surround our human and virtual colleagues is fundamental to success of any organisation. Never more so than now and with AI.

I present regularly at international events and organisations and you’ll find some of my articles and videos of my talks here.

Outside of work, I love, Coffee, High Fidelity Audio, and tinkering with modern-classic Japanese sports cars.

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